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Vitamin D3
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Vitamin D3
Product Description

Vitamin D3 Powder:

Chemical Names: Vitamin D3, Colecalciferol
C A S: 67-97-0
Molecular Formula: C27H44O
Molecular Weight: 384.65g/mol
EINECS NO. 204-673-2

Vitamin D3 CWS powder is white or off-white free-flowing granular powder. Vitamin D3 droplets is equally dispersed in a matrix of gum, sucrose coated by food starch. DL-alpha-tocopherol used as antioxidant agent.

Apperance: White or off-white powder
Granularity: ( US STANDARD )
100% through 40# Sieve ( US )
Min 65% through 80# Sieve ( US )
Max 5% through 120# Sieve ( US )
Loss on drying: Max 5%
Assay of Vitamin D3 (HPLC): Min 100, 000IU/G; 500, 000IU/G; 850, 000IU/G
Heavy metal: Max 20ppm
Arsenic: Max 3ppm
Microorganism: Qualified

Used as preparation for dry food industry

Stability and storage:
It is sensitive to oxygen, heat, light and moisture. It has a shelf life of 24 months in the original unopened container under 15.

Compendial requirement:
Quality test complied with Q/THC002-2007, USP, BP and EP standard.

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