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dried shiitake
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dried shiitake
Product Description

Dried Shiitake:


Mushrooms remarkably rich in the amino acid, a protein of 20 amino acids, there are 18 kinds of mushrooms, of which eight kinds of essential amino acids, in addition to the six major enzymes

more than 40 kinds of rich organic acids, vitamins and inorganic salt,and the prevention of diabetes, high blood lipids, cold and tumor health food products.


Mushrooms contain the double-stranded RNA, antiviral activity, the prevention of influenza, chronic hepatitis cure rate up to 70%. More valuable is also in a mushroom Lentinan anticancer effect and white hyperlipidemia also have some effect, there are more than 30 kinds of mushrooms enzyme, the body can be involved in the metabolism, to prevent human caused for lack acid a variety of diseases, but also inhibit pigmentation to prevent skin dryness.


1. Moisture Content: 10 % max
2. Size: 8x8 mm.
3. TPC: 50,000 cfu/g max
4. Y&M: 100 cfu/g max
5. E.coli & Coliforms : Less than 3 MPN/g
6. Sulfur dioxide: 1,500 ppm max


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