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Mannitol Powder
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Mannitol Powder
Product Description

Mannitol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries because of its unique functional properties. It is about 50 percent as sweet as sucrose and has a desirable cooling effect often used to mask bitter tastes. Mannitol is non-cariogenic and has a low caloric content. Mannitol is suitable for ingestion and has been used safely around the world for over 60 years.

Mannitol is found in abundance in nature, particularly in exudates from trees, and in marine algae and fresh mushrooms. It is an isomer of sorbitol and is typically produced today by the hydrogenation of specialty glucose syrups. Mannitol is commercially available in variety of powder and granular forms. In the United States, mannitol is provided by a number of manufacturers, including Cargill, Roquette America, and SPI Polyols.

Functional Advantages:

Unlike sorbitol, a polyol often used for its humectant properties, mannitol is nonhygroscopic (does not pick up moisture). For this reason, it is often used as a dusting powder for chewing gum to prevent the gum from sticking to manufacturing equipment and wrappers. Due to its high melting point (165-169o C), mannitol is also used in chocolate-flavored coating agents for ice cream and confections. It has a pleasant taste, is very stable to moisture pickup and does not discolor at high temperatures, which makes mannitol ideal for use in pharmaceuticals and nutritional tablets.


  • Reduced-calorie sweetener with only 1.6 calories per gram
  • It is nonhygroscopic
  • Provides sweetness with a clean, cool pleasant taste
  • May be a useful alternative sweetener for people with diabetes
  • Does not contribute to the formation of dental caries.
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