Dacon China is a manufacturer of wheat/barley grass powder,royal jelly,silica gel desiccant

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Product Description

1) Appearance: white powder with low yellow shadow, no fixed shape
2) Smell: special smell of malt-dextrin, no other exceptional smells
3) Taste: minimal or low sweetness, no other taste
4) Moisture: 6% (max.)
5) De-equivalent: 10 - 20%
6) pH: 4.5 - 6.5
7) Sulfated ash: 0.6% (max.)
8) Total plate count: 1500/g
9) Pathogenic bacteria: not confirmed The maltodextrin is cooked, and then acid and/or enzymes (a process similar to that used by the body to digest carbohydrates) are used to break the starch into smaller chains (3-20 chains in maltodextrin). These chains are composed of several dextrose molecules held together by very weak hydrogen bonds.

Characteristics & Applications:
1) Maltodextrins are easily dispersed into water or other aqueous-based systems and are commonly used in consumer products such as dry mixes.
2) Maltodextrins are used as crystallisation inhibitor. Added in candies and half-soft sweets, it can prevent sweets appearing sand and extend the shelf life. Debasing and eliminating the smell of mutton, stabilizing the alimentation elements, keeping the character and flavor and increasing the quality.

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Company Name: Qingdao Dacon Trading Co., Ltd

Registered Address:No. 519, Workshop On 5/F, 1 Hancheng Rd., Free Trade Zone, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)

Legal Representative/CEO: Ms. Shuming Kang

Registration No.: 91370220747213098M

Mr. Weishun Yang
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