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Fermented Black Garlic Solo Black Garlic
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Fermented Black Garlic Solo Black Garlic
Product Description

What is black garlic ?
Black garlic is a naturally fermented food made from fresh unpeeled raw garlic kept in Fermentation rooms with high temperature and moisture for 60-90 days .Natural , organic, no chemical and artificial contains, eliminate garlic smell and replaced with Sweet and sour taste, no stimulation , smaller and easier to swallow and suitable for all age ofpeople.Black garlic surpass ordinary garlic by 10 times, with antioxidant properties and blood Sugar controlling function . the contain of 18 amino acids is also 1.5 times of ordinary garlic.

How can you get the benefit from the black garlic?
Take 3-5 cloves each time , two times daily;
What is the efficacy in health care?
1.Natural antibiotics and Disease Protection
2.Anti-Oxidation & Anti-aging
3.Preventing cardiovascular disease
4.Boosting the Immune System ,protecting kidney
5.Regulating and balancing blood pressure
6.Preventing Cancer
7.Improves hair growth
8.Enhancing physical strength
 More introduction:
1.Material:organic garlic
2.Size:4.5-5.0/5.0-5.5/5.5-6.0/6.0 up
2.Nature,Healthy and green food
3.Flavour:sweet,a little sourNo strong garlic odor and the pungent odour.
4.High Quality,big bulbs and Reasonable price

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